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Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses are large gas permeable lenses that are used specifically to treat eyes with various eye diseases.  These lenses can be used to treat eyes that otherwise cannot see, are painful, dry, chronically irritated, or suffer from chronic eyelid spasms to improve vision, comfort, and eye health. These lenses offer greater protection then typical gas permeable lenses because they rest on the sclera and not on the cornea. This makes them safer and more comfortable for patients. 

The Scleral Lens Education Society is a non-profit organization started in 2009 to increase awareness of the benefits of scleral lenses and assist practitioners in gaining the expertise to fit these lenses, so as to make them available to as many people as could benefit from their use. You can learn more about the Scleral Lens Education Society: www.sclerallens.org

You can also learn more about scleral lenses by following these links:

If you suffer from an eye disease such as keratoconus, severe dry eyes, chronic eye pain, blepharospasm, or poor vision as a result of eye trauma or failed surgery, scleral lenses may provide life changing benefits to you and your eyes.  Dr. Messer is a widely recognized leader in scleral lens fitting and care. We offer more scleral lens design options than any other provider in the nation.  Please contact our office for an evaluation if you feel that you may benefit from scleral lenses.